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Best Restaurant Patios in Charleston – North of the Crosstown

June 15, 2018

When the weather is nice out, we are all looking for places where we can wine and dine al fresco. There are numerous outdoor areas throughout downtown Charleston to enjoy, whether it be rooftops, porches or patios. As you may know, Charleston’s culinary scene is migrating north, away from the Historic District restaurants (along Market Street, East Bay Street, etc.) that you’ve seen featured in magazines and TV shows time and time again. If you want to find the local spots, the ones foodies live for, and the ones tourists are catching on to, you’ll find them on the Upper Peninsula. In this post, I’m rounding up my favorite restaurants with patios north of the Crosstown.

Leon’s Oyster Shop
An auto body shop-turned surf and turf parlor, Leon’s has two outdoor areas to choose from, both of which are drastically different from the chic, rustic interior (which is also awesome). Customers have the option of people watching from the front patio, which boasts old garage is speckled with colored chairs and bright umbrellas, or a more low-key option out back with an intimate courtyard-like setting. Leon’s is first come, first serve, and you’ll probably have to wait a bit for an outdoor or indoor table, but the fried chicken sandwiches, char-grilled oysters, frosé and soft-serve ice cream make this eatery worth any wait.
Goat.Sheep.Cow North.

No one does wine and cheese (and charcuterie) better than Goat.Sheep.Cow. Originating in Charleston’s Historic District, this French fromagerie-inspired wine and cheese shop has expanded to the Upper Peninsula where it now offers a full menu in a swanky space. The courtyard-like patio with wrought iron furniture and bold red umbrellas make for the perfect atmosphere to sip fine wine and munch on assorted snacks.

Edmund’s Oast

Now this place is a true establishment with a restaurant, brew-pub, and wine and beer shop. Here, I’m highlighting the original Edmund’s Oast—the restaurant. The outdoor area at the Edmund’s Oast restaurant includes a full bar, a covered porch and an open lounge area. Outside at Edmund’s Oast, you can sit down at one of the polished picnic tables for a full meal, or sit back and relax in a sleek Adirondack chair. Either way, you’ve got to sip on a craft beer and complement it with a Tiny Burger (during Happy Hour only). Make sure you try the Peanut Butter & Jelly beer – it’s my favorite!

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
We all know Rodney Scott doesn’t need anything but a smoker and a whole hog to have customers flocking to his restaurant on Upper King Street. But, the James Beard Awarding-winning pitmaster recently added outdoor seating lined with flower boxes and string lights, taking his barbecue experience to a whole new level. Business owners probably know by now that when you add flowers/plants/ivy to your building in a trendy fashion, you instantly become an Instagram hotspot. And girls like me eat it up. Who doesn’t want to eat some good southern comfort food surrounded by pretty flowers? It’s like a glorified backyard barbecue, and I love it.

It’s no coincidence that aside from the trendy outdoor areas, the restaurant menus are exceptionally delicious, and their interiors are to the nines – the owners know exactly what they’re doing. So, next time you find yourself wondering where to eat outside in Charleston, give one of these places a try. Each one is very different from the next, and is incredibly easy on the taste buds and the eyes. Enjoy!



  • Hillary Conheady

    June 18, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Love goat sheep cow!! And you just look so cute in all of these photos!

    xo, Hillary |

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