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HYLO Fitness – Where Boutique Meets Unique

June 5, 2018

Let me start by saying that I’ve never held a gym membership longer than 3 months, until now. I’ve tried Planet Fitness, I’ve tried Crossfit, I’ve tried barre studios-they’re all appealing at first and they quickly become redundant. I have been a member of HYLO since last May (a huge personal record for me). HYLO is exceptionally different from the rest of the boutique fitness facilities, which is why I’m hooked.

At HYLO the concept is simple: fitness balanced. There are two specialty workout rooms, one is customized for low intensity workouts and one for high intensity workouts. Though HYLO is designed for people to be able to do both HY (high) and LO (low) classes, many people prefer one or the other. I’m a LO girl. And believe it or not, the LO classes are considered harder than the HY!

Over the past year I’ve seen my physical and mental wellness transform, thanks to the LO workouts I have been consistently doing. What sets HYLO apart from the rest, is that the workouts are hybrids of multiple workout styles.
The classes sculpt you in many different ways, and also keep it interesting, rather than repetitive. The LO classes aren’t just barre or just yoga classes-there is Power Barre (barre with cardio intervals)

6-Pack at the Barre (barre with intense ab exercises)
Power Yoga (yoga with cardio intervals)

Heated Barre

Hot Power Yoga

and Yoga Burn (yoga with strength training)

When it’s time to recover from the week-long workouts, there’s a Heated Rejuvenation class on Sunday, which focuses on stretching and relaxing.

But it’s not just the classes that keep me going. It’s also the staff. Liz Wood (pictured in these photos) has been the lead LO instructor since HYLO opened, and her teaching style has been a significant factor in my commitment. She reflects the positive, friendly team from the management down. Ever since I walked through the glass doors over a year ago, I’ve felt welcome. I love going to class each week, being recognized by the staff and taking classes with friends and familiar faces.

If you’re local to the Charleston area and haven’t visited HYLO yet, you’re missing out. The first week is free, so grab a friend and come discover how to workout the HYLO way.



  • Aunt Sue

    June 6, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Oh how I wish I had a studio like this close by to me! I’ve been yoga and Pilates at my gym for the past 7 years and I just love it! I’m so glad you love it , as well! It is a program you can do for the rest of your life! I am glad you are tapping into the athletic Duff side of your genetics! It’s a strong gene in our side! 😘

    1. sty-lysh

      June 15, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      Aunt Sue, next time you pay Charleston a visit, I will take you to class with me!

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