Where to Eat in Ubud

May 2, 2020

Wondering where to eat in Ubud, the food capital of Bali? Look no further. The below list of recommendations includes everything from affordable local cuisine, to trendy western cuisine, to everything in between. 

Kedai D’Sawah – An authentic and aesthetically pleasing warung set along the rice paddies. A vast and extremely affordable local and western menu.

Bali Buda – Ubud’s health hub and proud owner of no wifi connection. Bali Buda has both a dine-in cafe and grab-and-go market next door. Health nuts can find every super food on the menu here.

Suka Espresso – This will become your new favorite coffeeshop-workspace. A 2-story, open-air cafe with chill vibes and delicious food.

Barbapopa – Relive your childhood days by grabbing a cotton candy or a refreshing beverage from this whimsical eatery.

L’Osteria – If you want real Italian food and ambiance, L’Osteria is the place. The lively atmosphere, neopolitan pizzas and fine wine will have you feeling like you’re actually in

Hippie Fish A seafood-lover’s heaven. This spot brings the Mediterranean to Bali.

Warung Bisma – A beautiful two-story warung serving up a variety of Balinese and western dishes. 

Taco Casa – Very underrated cuisine. All of your Mexican cravings can be satisfied here. 

Umah Pizza – Some of the cheapest pizza, if not the cheapest pizza you’ll find in Bali. Umah’s thin crust za is right in budget and gets the job done just right.

Art Cafe – A trendy artisanal cafe where sweet potato pancakes meet locally painted canvases. 

Bittersweet – The swankiest restaurant in Ubud. Bittersweet is a chic hybrid of a clothing boutique, floral shop, art gallery and cafe. A high-class environment with a reasonably-priced menu. 

Green Kubu Cafe – An awesome Indonesian-Western restaurant overlooking Ubud’s rice fields. The outdoor space offers proper tables and chairs for a traditional dining experience as well as bean bags and low tables for the ultimate lounge experience.

Warung Layana – A uniquely authentic Ubud setting. While restaurants overlooking rice fields are Ubud’s signature dining experiences, this elevated restaurant overlooking a waterfall and the Petanu river cannot be topped. Dine al fresco and enjoy the sound of the waterfall in the background.